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You will feel something.
Like utter joy and elation.

It’s not often you come across a team that checks all the boxes—kind, creative, strategic, reliable, experienced, and capable of bringing all aspects of your brand to life. We’re pretty proud of the team we’ve created. We’re ecstatically proud of the work we do for brands like yours.

This is who we are.


Banko Wilhome is a comprehensive creative agency that creates brands that connect deeply with customers at every single touch point. Our work sticks to hearts and souls with impressive longevity and resonance.

If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter solution, that’s not us.
If you’re looking to cut a few corners, we don’t know how.
If you’re looking to be relevant and significant at every turn, we’re your people.

Kevin Wildes

Partner & CEO

Kevin is an award-winning interior products designer and brand marketer who is highly skilled in sustainable design, company strategy, and growth.

His vast experience in brand development, design, marketing, retail merchandising, manufacturing, and interiors has allowed him to work with some of the nation’s top companies, as well as several startups in the formation of their companies, brands, and products.

In addition to his impressive resume, Kevin also has a knack for public speaking, discussing topics such as design, branding, visual merchandising, and global marketing. His career has included roles in big-box retail, specialty retailing, and manufacturing, including running his own marketing design firm, leading sales and design teams, and spearheading retail strategy.


Dan Banko


Dan started as the guy behind the camera. Then he became the guy with his name on the door. Officially, he’s our Partner and Creative Director. Unofficially, he’s a super nice guy with a thousand ideas swimming around upstairs, always implementing the right one at the right time for the right client. 

A master of his craft, Dan brings a unique combination of strategic thinking and creativity to projects for a wide range of notable clients, including Mohawk Group, Spec Furniture, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Pearlman Group and many more.

Dan is still regularly found behind the camera, capturing photography and video for many small businesses, large corporations, and non-profit organizations across North America.

Tara Bryk


This place doesn’t tick without Tara. She has the lofty task of overseeing our client portfolio. Which, for her, is a breeze. 

Tara draws on 10 years of experience in advertising and marketing for private and public sector clients, including stints with Leo Burnett and Cundari Advertising. She’s worked with prominent brands including IKEA, [yellow tail] wines, Cineplex, Teknion and more. Tara is experienced in developing and executing marketing strategies, managing media, and providing effective and innovative solutions to ensure her clients’ success.

Tara pours her heart and soul into her team, clients and projects. She is also involved in a number of local arts and culture organizations, giving back to her community. Lest she seem perfectly perfect, Tara humbly admits to watching terrible TV.


The foundation of your brand. The blueprint. We author strategies that ensure your brand evolves smoothly and intelligently without those pesky unforeseen consequences.


The look and feel of your business. More than colors and fonts, we create brands that connect.


The message should be unmissable. From print materials to digital assets, we’ll create designs that are sure to grab attention and make an impact.


Our talented writers will craft compelling copy for your marketing materials, website, campaigns, and more.

Packaging Design

The box matters. Thinking about the material, color, shelf space, and environmental impact, we wrap up products in thoughtfully branded packages that shine on the shelves.

Branded Spaces

From pop-up shops to showrooms, we’ll create physical spaces that reflect your brand and engage your customers.


The real experience captured. Portraits, architecture, products, lifestyle. We tell your story through authentic photography.


The live version of your brand. We ideate, storyboard, script, and shoot commercials, how-to videos, and short films to give your brand an inviting pulse.

Digital Marketing

Also known as marketing but with global influence, personalized content, and the data to witness what’s working. Digital marketing is an essential tool, but not our only tool.

Social Media Management

The popularity game played well. We put you in front of the right audience on the right channels to create connections that last.

Web Development

The online experience is everything. We make sure it impresses and converts.

Marketing Management

Whether your internal team is small or large, we can help to alleviate the headaches and bring joy to your workday by managing all aspects of your marketing plan.

Let’s grab a beer.

Coffee works, too. So does a phone call and a glass of wine. Basically, any form of communication + liquid beverage is a great starting point if you ask us.